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[NEW VIDEOS] Attachment Repair for Each Attachment Style

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The Three Pillars Model

Comprehensive education on the model that heals anxious-proccupied, dismissing, and disorganized attachment is available within the 2016 textbook by Daniel P. Brown and David S. Elliott, Attachment Disturbances in Adults: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair (752 pages)


IPFP Meditation

Imagine feeling yourself as a young child and engaging with ideal parent figures (IPFs) who are securely attached.



Enhance Metacognition and Mentalizing. (Similar to Mindfulness Meditation.) 



Focus on collaborative verbal and non-verbal communication to promote secure attachment.

Custom IPF Approaches by Attachment Strategy

Success with the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol (IPFP)

During the IPFP, participants create new memories (internal representations) that are rich in the 10 key ingredients of secure attachment formation. 

Physical Presence

These parents are genuinely accessible


They have a consistent way of being with you


You can count on them, every time to be with you in the ways you need.


They are so interested in your thoughts and feelings


They are dedicated to protecting you from harm, and you feel safe and watched out for.


They are very attuned to your needs, behavior, internal state, and developmental stage.

Soothing & Reassurance

If you're upset, they're right there for you, giving you comfort that helps you in just the right ways.

Expressed Delight

They genuinely like you and delight in your very being and share that with you in ways you really feel.

Encouragement for Exploration (Inner)

They listen carefully, help you understand your emotions, and accept your inner experience. They help you see emotions are not dangerous; they're ways of expressing unmet needs.

Encouragement for Exploration (Outer)

They encourage and support you to explore and try new things, and the secure feelings this brings you helps you become more adventuresome and capable and competent.

We love you, keep believing!

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